Valor Connect

State of Art Technology

Instant Cloud Integration is just a click away.

Premium Features

  • Remote setup.
  • Supports wired & wireless connections.
  • Compatible with Web-based and standalone applications.
  • Quickly find and show the capable devices for integration.
  • Client-server allows the following transactions: Sale, Authorization, Return, Void, Tip Adjust, Ticket, Settlement, and Reprint.
  • Enables redirection of Transactions from a Virtual Terminal to a Valor Terminal.
  • Updates inventory in real-time as sales occur.
  • App upgrades and configuration changes can be made directly from the POS.

Note: A Demo Terminal is required to test your API Integration.

Current Version: 1.0.8

Semi Integration

This Specification document covers the list of transactions and API which requires to connect and perform transactions from Valor Terminals. To get the API, please select the download button below.

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