Processing Transactions on Valor Connect

1. Select the Favorites Button on your Terminal, followed by Selecting 10. Start VC to enable a Valor Connect connection on your VL100 or VL110.

2. Navigate to the Virtual Terminal in the Sidebar Menu of your Online Portal.

3. Select the checkbox next to Valor Connect in the top Menu.

4. Select which VL100 or VL110 EPI you would like to connect to complete the Transaction in the dropdown in the top-right.

5. Enter the Transaction details including:

  • Amount
  • Sale Type (Credit Sale | Debit Sale)
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Customer Email Address
  • Invoice Number
  • Description
  • Line Items (If Applicable)
  • Customer Billing Information
  • Customer Shipping Information (if different from Billing Information)

6. Select Process to complete the Transaction on your VL100 or VL110 Terminal.